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Sep. 7th, 2011 10:36 pm
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These icons were chosen by [personal profile] sasha_feather.

coloured pencils and a rainbow drawn with them
I wanted an icon with a rainbow on it and found this one on [community profile] pretty_pixels. It's fluffy enough to be a random pretty, and also stands for diversity (and rainbows).

Julia set (detail, bright background)
Part of a Julia set, iconised by [personal profile] lo_rez in smallbatchicons. Maths icon, if I ever write about maths. There are endless interesting shapes hidden in the fractal equations.

flame with Pratchett quote: Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness
This is my rage icon, for when the one that says "WTF" isn't strong enough. A variation on "Better to light a candle than curse the darkness", this Pratchett quote says to me "Things are too screwed up for reform. Burn it all down and start again."

snow-covered houses at night with lit window
I was writing a lot about the weather in a hard winter, and went looking for snow icons. This one is for going out at night in the snow, when it's a long way to get safely home again (although I only live on the edge of town myself).

Amelia Pond (from Doctor Who) Demands an Explanation for this Bullshit!
When Doctor Who Mark 11 came on air, there were a whole new lot of related icons around. I like this one of young Amelia being pissed-off. Don't put up with any nonsense, kid!
susanreads: my avatar, a white woman with brown hair and glasses (mini-me)
I can haz avatar

I've changed my default icon. Until now I always used the UK dreamsheep, which is the first icon I ever acquired. This one was built at elouai.com's Gaia Online avatar maker and resized in GIMP. I'd prefer a different (messier!) hairstyle, but it wasn't available in dark brown and after trying to re-colour the reddish one for a while I realised my GIMP skillz are far too lacking. Also, you can't see the grey hairs. Still ... me twenty years ago, perhaps!

I would definitely wear those clothes. Colour co-ordination, what's that? Cardigan, check. House slippers, check. Trousers that are slightly too long because mass-market clothes are designed for tall people, check!

Domestic (mis)adventure

Yesterday morning, there was suddenly an intense downpour with hail! The road turned white! An hour later that was all gone. The rain continued for a while ... Meanwhile, as soon as the intense part started it got in under the back door again. Somebody is coming round tomorrow to check the gutters (at least that was the plan when I phoned yesterday).

Srs bsns

When several disabled feminists (FWD) spent a lot of spoons on a "chat" with representatives of Feministing, the transcript shows that Miriam and Courtney, the editors, were all "moderating comments is haaaaard" and "do our work for us" and even committed a t*ne *rg*m*nt. Since then, instead of living up to their claimed commitment to change, they've evidently used other people's suggestions without attribution (or practical follow-through). (I say evidently because I'm not going there to check.) Quixotess explains why you shouldn't give them clicks or link love in Please boycott Feministing.
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