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I know, I've been quiet for a while. I've mainly been preoccupied with a couple of things in my off-line life, but here are some things I've been pointed at online.

Part of Oxfam's food security campaign: Help farmers in Gutu end the hunger months

rally banner
Save the NHS: the TUC are organising a rally against the Government's plans to destroy the NHS, on 7th March at 18:00-19:30, at Central Hall Westminster and live online. You can book a place for the rally, if it's not full yet, or pledge to attend online, at Save Our NHS.

Protect refugees: sign the Refugee Council's pledge, to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention, calling on the UK government to make the asylum system fair, humane and effective.

Protect people-with-uteri's right to choose: I might post about this again, but not every day for 40 days! Apparently some people are, though. 40 Days of Choice is an online campaign offering positive ways for pro-choice supporters to counter anti-abortion activity and clinic protests during Lent.

WWF's Earth Hour this year starts at 8:30pm (in all time zones, so it moves round the world) on 31st March. Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about realising that the actions we take, from the energy we use, to the food we buy and water we drink, has an effect on the world.
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I'm still hella behind on, approximately, everything, and I don't even have the excuse of a job to go to. But I'm getting a bit closer to the surface of the heap-of-urgent-stuff, and couldn't help noticing the date.

The F Word has a lot of posts up today:
Million Women Rise 2010 - a report on the march in London, with photos; and a link to their previous post about the failure of MWR to get off the fence about trans inclusion
Turkey: IWD for those on the margins of society
International Women’s Day 2010: Supporting women’s organisations and services
Women, a review of the BBC series which starts tonight
Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum with links to Asylum Aid
Three rape crisis centres to open in London this year! = success for the "Boris Keep Your Promise" campaign.
International Women’s Day 2010: Women’s rights abroad are not a UK priority - the Government's actions don't match their rhetoric [the field of women's rights isn't unique in that!]. "Selling the invasion of Afghanistan as a mission to liberate women was a terrible blunder which may well have done more harm than good to efforts to promote women’s rights abroad, confirming for many their suspicions that gender equality is a concept used for advancing an imperialist agenda."
International Women’s Day 2010: celebrate the women in your life where Laura starts us off by celebrating her sister.

There are lots of posts on other sites too, but that's enough to be going on with! Anyone want to recommend your favourite round-ups?
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Cosigned: Meloukhia's Open Letter to Feministing

Feministing is a very large feminist group blog, which I've never followed. I didn't have enough online time, then I found that the site didn't load properly in Firefox 2. By the time I upgraded to Firefox 3, I'd got the impression that they were part of the mainstream white middle-class feminism that claims to lead the movement while neglecting intersectional issues and failing to credit other people's work, as critiqued by women of colour (see ABW's On Feminism series). Recent events have not changed that impression; see also Narcissist Feminism as described by Jennifer Kesler.

There's a new group objecting to being treated dismissively by the Feministing crew, and to the commenting culture there, except that it's not new at all. Disabled women have been calling out ableism on the site for some time, and being ignored. Meloukhia's Open Letter is not so much a response to a particular event as a "last straw" situation. Disabled feminists have had enough, and they're not going to take it any more! Anybody is welcome to cosign, either on the open letter post or elsewhere (with a link on Meloukhia's post so she can keep track).

Linkspams are being collected at [community profile] access_fandom.
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Remember that anthology of "Mindblowing SF" by white guys? Via Graham Sleight's review at Strange Horizons, I've found an excellent essay on this and two other recent instances of white boys' clubs: Is It Something in the Water? by Athena Andreadis in Astrogator's Logs.
In the vast majority of cases, non-male non-whites are overqualified for whatever position or role they are chosen to fill.  The tokenism excuse has been obliterated countless times ... I think that true equality will come when non-white non-males can be as mediocre as white men.  And when that time comes, I guarantee you that the quality of mindblowing anthologies won’t budge.
So, I have a new blog to read! Athena writes about science, science fiction and culture.

Also in ongoing discussions: unusualmusic has a roundup of reactions to the leaked results of the sex testing of Caster Semenya. There's a lot of links I don't want to follow there.
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Silence is the Enemy

Warning: links in this section are likely to be triggering

Nicholas Kristof wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times on the rape of very young girls in Liberia. Observe my total lack of surprise, except at this issue getting such mainstream exposure.

Part of Bloglandia, mainly on, is running a campaign on this, wherein some bloggers are donating all their bloggy income for June to Médecins Sans Frontières, which is caring for child survivors. I'm late, but June isn't over yet. Posts including lists of participants can be found on isisthescientist and on Neurotopia.

Closer to home

They talk about "shattered norms", but rape culture is everywhere, and in "Western civilisation" in particular. People are now talking about it in journals: the most recent conversation to be documented by [community profile] linkspam was started by [ profile] cereta asking, according to my reading of her post, why the silent majority of men who don't rape are silent, and how many of them do anything positive about it.

PETA outrage common decency and set back the cause of vegetarianism

I found this while looking for Silence is the Enemy posts: PETA exploit murder of Dr. George Tiller in ad campaign.

Do they seriously think this will turn more people on to vegetarianism/veganism than off? Or is this just a new twist on their infamous treating-women-as-meat and dressing-up-as-terrorists campaigns?

ETA: [personal profile] shewhohashope posted On rape culture and civilisation, which has a lot of analysis of how rape is not an anomaly in present-day societies.

Her post also makes me think my connections here could be problematic. Men's assumptions of rights over women's and girls' bodies operate both in the "West" and in post-colonial conflict zones, but the context is different - it's not just "oh look, the patriarchy in action again".


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