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Just over a week after having an eye test, I got my new (free from the NHS, single vision) glasses. I guess they're easier to make than varifocals. I got reading glasses and a distance-only pair, which look similar enough that I keep getting confused; also, the fit feels very odd. I guess I'll get used to them, though.

I don't think I'll use the distance-only pair much, because that part of the prescription hasn't changed a lot from my varifocals, which have the advantages of (i) going darker in sunlight, and (ii) still being able to read with them well enough to program the digital recorder. (With the reading glasses, I can read the Radio Times; with the others, I can see the menu on the TV screen.)

But next time I get a new prescription, I definitely want new varifocals if I can in any way afford it. I'm spending so much time taking one pair off and putting another pair on. At least I now have 2 pairs of reading glasses: one for the living room, one for the computer.

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My reading glasses arrived yesterday. I'd picked frames which are a different shape from the varifocals, so I wouldn't forget which pair I'm wearing - now I realise that means I'll have to carry both cases around if I'm going to use them to read labels in shops. Drat.

I think they should have told me to start wearing them for a short time and work my way up, like I was advised when I got the varifocals, *cough* years ago; I read on the computer for two hours last night with the new pair and that may have been a mistake.

I knew I was used to my glasses-with-everything, but didn't realise how unused to single-vision lenses I've got. Small print at less than arms' length: distinctly clearer (change in prescription in the aforesaid *cough* years). Computer screen across desk: no very obvious difference. Poster on nearby wall: out of focus. I'll have to get in the habit of looking at my watch instead of the digital clock on the Freeview box when I'm reading in the living room, because the latter is too far away for the new glasses. Eek!
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