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I know, you don't hear from me for months on end... If any UK people are reading this (yes, I posted it to [community profile] uk too) ... VOTE this Thursday, i.e. tomorrow (assuming you're registered; it's too late now if not).

The Guardian's guide to the practicalities (link courtesy of [personal profile] rydra_wong)

tactical voting guide (of course, you might know better; I disagree with them about Colchester, where I'm far from the only person who will never vote again for the former MP who voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012).

If you already know who you want to vote for and you're certain they won't win, or that they'll win easily and don't need your vote, vote anyway! On the one hand, several recent elections and referenda prove that nobody knows anything in politics nowadays; on the other, one day electoral reform will be debated in Parliament again and the more egregious the gap between votes and seats is, the more seriously they might take it. If you don't vote, you will be ignored.

Date: 2017-06-07 11:03 pm (UTC)
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I had a postal vote and delivered it to the council offices on Tuesday. Choice of Cons, Lab and LibDems here. Tories have been in for 30+ years since the constituency was formed, Labour are always last. Even if every LibDem loaned their vote to Labour it wouldn't be enough. I voted LibDem (I am usually a LibDem by preference) as they are the only party here who have a tiny chance to turn over the Tories, if fewer than normal Tories turn out and Labour loaned all their votes to the Libdems this time, but it's not going to happen but could increase the LibDem share of the vote. It's been complicated for me this election as I really don't care for the Tories or the Labour left and I can't stand Tim Farron or Jeremy Corbyn but I'm undecided about Theresa May (as a person not as a Tory). I think people have to vote on what are the most important issues for them. I personally wish we had PR then at least everyone's vote would count no matter how small their party.


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