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Feel free to add and remove me without asking. I may eventually write something interesting, who knows?

I'll probably be subscribing to a lot of people, then removing some when I find I can't keep up, just like I did on Bloglines.

I plan to use my access list as an approved commenters list, unless I find another way of doing it; if I add you it isn't a request for mutual access, and I don't expect to make access-only posts here, so you're not missing anything.

I'll unscreen comments unless I find them incomprehensible or abusive, but my schedule is random. I might not get here every day.

If I post or unscreen something you find offensive, let me know in comments. It helps if you say why. Sorta thing I mean: to me, macadamia nuts are a tasty but over-priced ingredient in posh snacks. But something I read as a dismissive pat-on-the-head by a patronising git who thinks it's cute to compare women to food, is apparently a racial slur. Who knew? /clueless
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So I said I wouldn't get my own blog or journal, because I didn't have anything to say. But more recently I've found that at decreasing intervals, I would want to give my opinion about something, and start composing a comment in my head, and realise that it's too long for a comment box; but I'd see people commenting to say "I talk about this over here (link)". So it might be useful to have my own platform.

Then RaceFail09 occurred. People whose blogs I was reading were involved; after a while they stopped talking about it (in public?) and I thought it was dying down; then in March I found out: no, it just mutated. I discovered the Archivist of the Revolution, and started trying to catch up. This told me I need a better way of keeping track of the conversation.

Meanwhile, the people I've started reading were waxing enthusiastic about Dreamwidth. I followed links.
The diversity statement. (Shinyyyyyyy)
Essays about why advertising on social media is doomed, plus a business plan for making the site profitable without third-party advertising. (Oo! Oo! I want! ... AdBlock Plus is my friend, but it doesn't work on public terminals that only use Internet Exploder)
Staff who talk to people and answer questions. (It's like phoning a company and being answered by a human instead of a computer!)
Separating reading lists from access permissions. (I never got my head around "friends" in the LJ sense. I have friends. "What I want to read" is not the same.)

And, and the longer I lurked around here the more I liked it. So, through the magic of OpenID and launch night invite codes, here I am. I might even say something.

Who am I?

May. 2nd, 2009 09:14 pm
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A middle-aged Yorkshirewoman in southern England

Home is where I live now. I haven't been "back home" for years. When I did, they'd changed the road layout so much I couldn't find anything.
I've never been good with accents. I'm told mine is still obvious, but I don't hear it.
I assume I'm a Euro-mutt, like most of the "white British".
For an unemployed, middle-aged woman of working-class origins with health problems, who doesn't drive, I have a lot of privilege. Knowing this won't necessarily stop me moaning about my lot.

Long-time lurker, first-time journaler

I've been reading things on the internet since 2001, lurking heavily and commenting lightly since 2005. In 2007 I got my own internet connection: hello uncensored access!
I comment as "Legible Susan" in several places, including The F Word (UK), the Feminist SF and Fantasy Fans blog, and The Hathor Legacy.
I always said I wouldn't get my own blog or journal, because I didn't have anything to say. Then Certain Recent Events changed my mind (see next post). I might even say something occasionally, now I've got a place to say it.

Interested in many things

I assume the "interests" list is for things I might write about. Things I like to read about include feminisms, the environment, a wide range of genre fiction, diversity, human rights, a number of TV shows, gender+gender expression, global development issues, pop culture critique, ally work, usability+accessibility, popular science, the use and misuse of the English language...

Can I keep up with all that? Of course not.
(I'm not All Sercon All the Time, honest.)

An armchair activist

My days of sitting in the road and marching to Trafalgar Square are over. I'm not convinced petitions do any good, but I sign them anyway. Not with this name, though.

Also a citizen of the off-line world

I have a name under which I vote, apply for jobs, hold placards in front of public buildings, pay the bills, engage in a variety of correspondence, and have a social life. I won't be using that name here, because of that thing where (I'm told) nothing you write on the internet ever goes away.

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