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My contract with my ISP includes 40GB data usage per calendar month (over the used-to-be-BT landline; I don't have one of those fancy phones). It's a big increase from my previous contract, where I was always paying by volume for extra usage. This summer I started paying attention to the figures on the bill.

June: 7.32GB (this is about the usual level, which is why I've never asked how much they'd charge if I went over)
July: 8.60GB
August: 27.33GB (there was a lot more Olympics coverage online than on Freeview)
September: 39.64GB (Paralympics + some software updates I had to do)
October: 7.83GB

I just had to update the software again (disabling the Java that's already running? That's a bit extreme isn't it?), so I'll get some idea how much difference that made when I get my next bill.
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