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I don't know how to start, so I guess I'll just start. I've been more-or-less keeping up with reading, but not writing anything here, for months. It started with a whole lot of offline things happening early this year, and now the stuff that specifically kept me from writing doesn't apply, but there's this inertia, you know?

I've made some, mostly slow and inadequate, progress with everything, but nothing is resolved! Agh! There are two things I'm willing to write about here that have made progress, though: the windows and my shoulder.

So I've been here over 20 years and the kitchen doesn't have double glazing, any other insulation, or cavity walls I can insulate. In winter it's Siberia. Two of the other rooms have secondary double glazing that's too heavy to move, so I can't open those windows in summer. Earlier this year I got some money (long story, not going into it here) and I am going to get some new windows dammit. After a lot of toing and froing and measurements and quotes and procrastination and PVC is (relatively) cheap but I don't want PVC, I've finally committed myself to what installer and products I'm going for, and paid a deposit. It might not be done before autumn, but it will be done before winter.

Some time in Jan. or Feb., I don't know how, I picked up a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder. It hurt when I reached too far upward or backward, especially when trying to put on a heavy coat, which was relevant at the time. It was supposed to get better in two weeks, then in two months, and instead it just kept getting worse. Eventually I got a steroid injection and over the next few weeks it got significantly better, but it's still not right. Last week my other shoulder and my neck started hurting - overcompensating, perhaps? I've got a Dr.'s appointment on Friday (don't get me started on the appointment-booking system), and I intend to ask for physio. A friend who had it recently says you can get 6 free sessions and it makes a huge difference to joint mobility.

In a couple of days the Proms, WOMAD, and the Olympics will all be on at the same time. Don't expect to hear from me for a while.
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