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Cosigned: Meloukhia's Open Letter to Feministing

Feministing is a very large feminist group blog, which I've never followed. I didn't have enough online time, then I found that the site didn't load properly in Firefox 2. By the time I upgraded to Firefox 3, I'd got the impression that they were part of the mainstream white middle-class feminism that claims to lead the movement while neglecting intersectional issues and failing to credit other people's work, as critiqued by women of colour (see ABW's On Feminism series). Recent events have not changed that impression; see also Narcissist Feminism as described by Jennifer Kesler.

There's a new group objecting to being treated dismissively by the Feministing crew, and to the commenting culture there, except that it's not new at all. Disabled women have been calling out ableism on the site for some time, and being ignored. Meloukhia's Open Letter is not so much a response to a particular event as a "last straw" situation. Disabled feminists have had enough, and they're not going to take it any more! Anybody is welcome to cosign, either on the open letter post or elsewhere (with a link on Meloukhia's post so she can keep track).

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