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I looked out this morning, and what did I see? That all the horizontal surfaces were covered with solid water, again. (I wasn't sure it was snow rather than frost until I opened the door.) That's the fourth time this year! In Fourth Month! After Easter, i.e. northern-hemisphere-spring festival! What the f*** snow!
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It goes: Snow, snow, thick thick snow.

Until the past week, this winter has mostly been fairly mild. Anything approximating snow would more-or-less melt once it hit the ground. The last few days have been f- f- f- jolly cold, and some time after it got dark yesterday, it started snowing farreal.

Looking out of the windows today, there's snow lying everywhere. Anything vaguely horizontal is covered with a white blanket, and the compost tumbler looks as if it has a furry hat two feet high. It's pretty to look at, but thank FSM I don't have to go out in it today. I do have to go out, if only to buy food, in the next day or two, so I hope it goes away soon! Brrrrrrr.

People from or in Scotland, or anywhere where it's been snowing for weeks, can laugh now.
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In the last couple of weeks, the temperature has been going up and down like a yoyo (it really has, it's not just me feeling the downswing of my menopausal failure-of-temperature-control, I swear), and the weather has been Typically British. It's generally felt like Summertime Is Nearly over.

Then the other day I went out in the evening, I guess it had been windy, and there were fallen leaves everywhere.

That'll be autumn then.

Yesterday I spotted a ladybird on the plant I need to cut back (grow in the yard, not on the path, dammit!) next to my front door. Are they an autumn thing? Maybe they've been around all summer and I just didn't notice (I unnotice a lot of things).

I've been feeling a bit grotty in several ways lately. cut for whining )
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Monday: I had to go to "Work Programme" (govt.'s latest get-people-into-work-without-creating-any-jobs scheme). It's a bit of a walk + 20-30 minute bus ride + walk away (I've been to the same building before) ... but because of roadworks, the bus ride took more like 40 minutes. In extreme (for England) heat, beating down on the glass windows with no shade. By the time I arrived I was in such a state of collapse, they're not going to be denying that I have health problems with commuting. Also I couldn't speak, and not only for the usual reason.

Tuesday: still severely hot. I didn't have to go out much, so I didn't.

Wednesday: hot hot hot. I couldn't manage more than about 10 minutes of my Tai Chi class at a time before sitting down for a rest, as well as water. At tea break I just had cold water and a biscuit. Exhausted. ... In the evening, still hot, clouding over, rain, SURPRISE THUNDERSTORM! (not actually surprising in retrospect)

Thursday, it was fresh out. Drizzling all day. Not too hot to cook. Since then it's got hot again but not as hot. Heavy and muggy on Friday.

Can we not have another of those any time soon, please?
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The weather has been up and down like a yoyo, recently. Now it's hot again: open windows, close curtains, watch Glastonbury on TV with a cold drink weather. I wonder how long that'll last.

Tomorrow, back to worrying about the govt.'s latest workfare scheme. Nobody who wants slaves will be interested in rickety old me, will they?

Does anybody know how to associate Spotify with a program (VLC, Windows Media Player, whatever) so I can listen to the F Word's playlist? Firefox doesn't recognise it, and the site apparently won't allow me to download it except via iTunes. I don't want to find out whether I can get iTunes to work without giving it my credit card; I don't trust it not to take over all my media preferences either.


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