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Would I watch more?

You bet I would! I might make tut-tut noises or threaten to throw something at the screen while watching, but I'll definitely watch. Just ixnay on the racism, and give the women more to do, yeah?
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So let's talk about diversity in casting instead. Because diversity is good, right? And we get more of it nowadays than we used to, in general? Maybe? The trouble is, once "they" have cast somebody other than an able-bodied straight-acting white dude or an able-bodied straight-acting white female-love-interest, it's like their imaginations say "Our work here is done!" and they can't think of anything for them to do that isn't from ClichesRUs.

You'd think they could swap the clichés around a bit. You don't see shows where the Chinese or Asian-American chick has the street smarts or the social connections, the black chick is the computer wiz and the white chick (a fat blonde, because fat people can move too) has the martial arts moves. Do you? If anybody knows a show like that, point me at it. (Note: I've seen the first season of Dark Angel.)
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This post has been brewing for a few days, but it's not getting any more coherent, so I might as well write it down.

The first episode of this new series was mostly entertaining, but it should have been awesome. Two things in particular were disappointing, a story point and a meta point.

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