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A couple of films from last year, because I'm that far behind with films recorded off-air; the Kiss Me Kate prom; Doctor Who Does Inception; Carlos Acosta's Cuban Night, partly live on the other box because of clashage; the Agents of SHIELD "mid-season finale" (the Channel 4 continuity announcer also thinks that's a peculiar idea); QI XL; the War Horse prom.

On radio, mostly via internet: most of my usual programs, a couple of festive specials of the usual programs, parts of the EBU Day of Christmas Music, a whole lot of World Music, some podcasts I'm still behind on, and particularly the radio serial of Good Omens, apparently the first-ever dramatisation of that book.

Also in prospect, the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, some nature documentaries, Charlie Brooker, the New Year's Day Vienna Concert and a repeat of The Boy in the Dress, because the first broadcast clashed with something [unless somebody on the internet tells me it's terrible. It's a comedy about a gender-non-conforming (apparently not trans) kid, how bad can it be?]. I'm not going to have time for any more films recorded off-air, am I?
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minor spoilers )

So let's talk about diversity in casting instead. Because diversity is good, right? And we get more of it nowadays than we used to, in general? Maybe? The trouble is, once "they" have cast somebody other than an able-bodied straight-acting white dude or an able-bodied straight-acting white female-love-interest, it's like their imaginations say "Our work here is done!" and they can't think of anything for them to do that isn't from ClichesRUs.

You'd think they could swap the clichés around a bit. You don't see shows where the Chinese or Asian-American chick has the street smarts or the social connections, the black chick is the computer wiz and the white chick (a fat blonde, because fat people can move too) has the martial arts moves. Do you? If anybody knows a show like that, point me at it. (Note: I've seen the first season of Dark Angel.)


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