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I looked out this morning, and what did I see? That all the horizontal surfaces were covered with solid water, again. (I wasn't sure it was snow rather than frost until I opened the door.) That's the fourth time this year! In Fourth Month! After Easter, i.e. northern-hemisphere-spring festival! What the f*** snow!
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It goes: Snow, snow, thick thick snow.

Until the past week, this winter has mostly been fairly mild. Anything approximating snow would more-or-less melt once it hit the ground. The last few days have been f- f- f- jolly cold, and some time after it got dark yesterday, it started snowing farreal.

Looking out of the windows today, there's snow lying everywhere. Anything vaguely horizontal is covered with a white blanket, and the compost tumbler looks as if it has a furry hat two feet high. It's pretty to look at, but thank FSM I don't have to go out in it today. I do have to go out, if only to buy food, in the next day or two, so I hope it goes away soon! Brrrrrrr.

People from or in Scotland, or anywhere where it's been snowing for weeks, can laugh now.
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On Monday I woke up and there was snow on the ground. Not a lot, but enough to cover everything. The previous few mornings, there'd just been a heavy frost.

Also on Monday, the laptop I'd been having trouble with stopped working altogether (with a blue-screen message that doesn't stay long enough to read - something about the registry and a hive, whatever that is). I'm now using an old clunker that can't load up-to-date software, and feeling deprived. I got so spoilt having the laptop for 3 years!

On Tuesday, it snowed properly. Variously snow, slush and ice everywhere. Snow drifting down. I had a call from the person who was supposed to come round and advise me about benefits: did I still want to do that?

Perhaps an hour later, she called again: looking out of the window, it was snowing harder. Gist of call: not driving in this. Visit postponed till next week. We're assuming it will be safe to drive then...

On Wednesday, it was snowing. I had a call from my Tai Chi instructor: the class is cancelled on account of some people can't make it (we only have about 6 people most weeks). Next week we'll meet at the usual time and then merge with another class. ...if that happens...

On Thursday, I delayed going out shopping in the hope that it would stop snowing. It didn't. By the time I got to the Oxfam shop, they'd closed early on account of snow.

On Friday, my footprints in the front yard were ice. I spent several minutes clearing the path to the gate before setting off towards town, so I could (i) get the gate open and (ii) not have ice to negotiate when I got back. I'd been keeping the spade inside the back door instead of in the shed just in case this happened.

I wasn't sure the (first Friday) farmers' market would be happening, but it did. With about half the usual stalls and even fewer customers. Apparently the regular (weekly) street market in town was cancelled.

Then I got a call in the afternoon, that the social event planned for that evening was postponed until a date to be decided.

I wonder what's next ...
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Looked out of the window this morning: SNNOOOWWWW. Seemed to be tailing off about lunchtime, but then it came back with a vengeance.

Cold water comes out of the hot tap for a long time. My hands hurt. My knees, though, don't hurt as expected. Maybe the glucosamine & chondroitin actually works.

There are several things I should have gone out to do today, including buying food. Opted for pasta with the last spoonful of the pesto.

I did go out once today: to see Sherlock Holmes with the usual suspects. That was fun, and with blatant plot-hook-for-sequel-goes-here labels. People who were talking about it on my reading page: yes, I see what you mean. Has anyone written a Bechdel fix yet? Mary and Mrs. Hudson certainly meet, but I think they were talking about Holmes.
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or a thaw, anyway. There is still snow everywhere, where it hasn't been walked on/driven over/sanded enough to clear it. Today, I got the spade from the shed, so if it comes back and blocks the front gate from opening again, I've got something to dig my way out with.

The fetching of the spade from the shed was more of an effort than that might sound. Things I didn't get done include clearing the overhanging branches (of next door's tree) from the path. It turns out that my one-hand clippers aren't up to cutting them where they reach head height (they're not as sharp as when they were new, and stronger hands might also be useful), and shaking off the weight of snow and removing the parts that are thin enough to cut didn't make them spring back to a reasonable height, woe. So I'm having to bend down to get underneath while being rained on by the melt. My back is not pleased.

I was going to the shed in the first place to put some things in there that have been gathering dust on a shelf in the kitchen, which I've never used for anything but storage, but now I need to clear it to make room for a microwave.

oven saga )

So it might get here on Wednesday, which would be good. If not, can I buy food for Xmas assuming I'll have an oven to cook it in?
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I was wrong: this morning it was still all fluffy-looking in my road. Nasty slush with clear patches in town, icy hummocks in between, depending on amount of (foot) traffic. In places it's safer to walk in the road: you can see where cars were parked overnight that aren't there any more by the big easy-to-walk-on patches. I pulled a muscle, or something, in my thigh walking to and from town, and discovered that one of my boots leaks.

The library will be closing early and the paper I was looking for is missing. (But their computers are, mostly, working. Have I complained on here about how the library computers haven't been working?) I am not wandering around town today looking for inspiration on Xmas-related matters.

I just got home ahead of the next lot. Snow is falling, snow on snow, snowow onnn snow ... it'll be dangerous tomorrow.

I need a snow icon. ETA: snow icon from [community profile] pretty_pixels


Dec. 17th, 2009 10:28 pm
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I've been having difficulty getting an internet connection all day, more so as time goes on. I assume this is weather-related. It'd been cold and damp, and by the time I went out briefly this afternoon it was sort-of-snowing. It's got a lot heavier since then! It's lying thick enough to hide minor obstacles in every direction. I know, this is nothing by some people's standards, but I'm bloody glad I don't have to go for an interview in it tomorrow as I did on the snow day in January!

I hadn't realised it had got too heavy for safe driving, so I wasn't expecting a phone call at tea-time, telling me the Amnesty meeting I was going to this evening was cancelled. I'd just finished cooking the carrot and coriander sausages I was going to take for the bring-and-share we do at the December meeting. (As far as I can tell from the ingredients on the packet, they're vegan. I can re-heat them in instalments over the next few days, right?) Also, I need more stamps for cards I expected to hand out in person.

It must be lovely, if I could see it. By the time daylight arrives tomorrow, it'll probably be all nasty slush except on the roof-tops. I hope so, since the plausible alternative is ice, and I need to be able to walk outdoors, for several purposes.

Now to post this before the internet goes down again. Stay warm, everybody in the northern third of the planet.


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