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This post has been brewing for a few days, but it's not getting any more coherent, so I might as well write it down.

The first episode of this new series was mostly entertaining, but it should have been awesome. Two things in particular were disappointing, a story point and a meta point.

spoilers in the name of critique )
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Looked out of the window this morning: SNNOOOWWWW. Seemed to be tailing off about lunchtime, but then it came back with a vengeance.

Cold water comes out of the hot tap for a long time. My hands hurt. My knees, though, don't hurt as expected. Maybe the glucosamine & chondroitin actually works.

There are several things I should have gone out to do today, including buying food. Opted for pasta with the last spoonful of the pesto.

I did go out once today: to see Sherlock Holmes with the usual suspects. That was fun, and with blatant plot-hook-for-sequel-goes-here labels. People who were talking about it on my reading page: yes, I see what you mean. Has anyone written a Bechdel fix yet? Mary and Mrs. Hudson certainly meet, but I think they were talking about Holmes.
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