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Posted on the Home Learning College feedback page. I would have used something a bit more subtle than capslock if the form said anything about allowing HTML.

I tried to request course information for the source, but the form has all the phone numbers as required fields. I do not have a mobile phone, and avoid using the phone wherever possible. I am HIGHLY OFFENDED and if I knew how to PROSECUTE YOU UNDER THE DDA I would threaten to do so. WHAT CENTURY IS THIS? YOU HAVE EMAIL ON THE FORM FOR %^&* SAKE. Your site should say up front ONLY PEOPLE WITH GOOD HEARING AND SPEECH NEED APPLY. As for MOBILE phones being compulsory, WORDS FAIL ME.

I tried to fill in the required phone fields with "please don't" and "I don't have one", but it threw them back at me. Therefore, ranting.

(Oops - just noticed I put source instead of course. Tough.)

Maybe I should be more diplomatic, but the answer to the question I really wanted to ask is probably "more than you can afford", so.
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A couple of days ago I was leaving a meeting and I complained about my knees hurting, and one of the other people started in asking what's wrong with them and stuff, and then with the "You should ignore what the doctor says, doctors don't know everything" (which, that last part is true, so?) and I should go to a chiropractor instead. 'Cos he (the speaker) is older than me and his knees don't hurt, therefore it's nothing to do with my age, also the other person still there is female and older than me and her knees are OK, QED.

GO AWAY. (Or, alternatively, d'you want to hear all about my peri-menopausal symptoms?)

So, disabled people get this all the time: Please, Tell Me More. Observe my total lack of surprise.


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