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but I'm still well behind on many things. I did catch up with my reading page.

I had to get a new laptop. I'm still learning Windows 10, and haven't customised everything yet. Should I uninstall AVG so I can activate Windows Defender?

Meanwhile, there are lots of new themes.

New laptop

May. 12th, 2014 05:53 pm
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Hello Dreamwidth, it has been ... mumble ... weeks since my last post.

This one is being written on my new (well, reconditioned) laptop, which I'm still trying to get to work in a usable manner. At the moment, if it's connected to the router and the charger, the router loses its internet connection. It's taken me most of a week to work out that those are the failure conditions, and I still don't know why. It wouldn't be so bad if the battery life was the 3 hours it's supposed to be instead of more like 1½. At some point I'll turn on the router's wifi and see whether connecting that way makes any difference; I know how to turn it on (in theory), but not what all the other parameters on that page mean. Any wifi experts out there?

Something I can recommend: DuckDuckGo. I've seen people recommend it on account of privacy, but the thing that persuaded me to give it a go was this:
Our intention is to not auto-correct searches. That is, we intend to completely respect the query you type in, and (in some cases) display a 'Did you mean?' link at the top when relevant.

In other words, I can search for "obscure thing that the poster expected readers to recognise" without wading through pages of "much commoner search term that happens to start with the same letters". Hurrah!
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Some recent posts on [syndicated profile] geekfeminism_feed have reminded me to appreciate this code trick, which goes in the "custom CSS" box under Customize Style. I originally got the code from [personal profile] zvi, and have adjusted it experimentally till the frame it creates fits in my browser window:

/* max-height for syndicated journals on reading page */
.page-read .journal-type-Y .entry-content {
max-height: 50em;
overflow: auto;

It reduces the post I was just reading from about 8 screensful to one, with an internal scroll-bar. Replace "page-read" by "page-network" for your network page, and adjust the number in max-height to fit your viewing preferences.

As long as feeds don't include anything that Dreamwidth can recognise as a cut, this'll continue to make a massive difference to the amount of scrolling I have to do.
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I've changed my style again. I think I'd had the old one a year, and there are lots of new ones.

When picking, I concentrated on layouts that displayed with text interaction links (Reply, etc.) instead of those icons which I've never got used to. Then it turns out to be a customization option! Maybe it always was and I hadn't noticed.

I'd like to change the background colour of the entry footers, but if I ever saved the CSS I used to do that last time I had a Crossroads style, it was on the laptop that broke. Maybe I'll figure it out again sometime.

I was mainly looking for something with a big difference between followed and unfollowed links, because since installing f.lux I've had trouble telling them apart in the evening. There's a big obvious difference in this theme, which'll be clear under all lighting conditions!
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I decided it was time I changed my style again, now that there are lots of new ones. But after looking at a lot of previews, I've gone back to Transmogrified - largely because it's one of the few that underline all links in entries. The theme is Frozen Sky by [personal profile] dancing_serpent, picked partly because it's easy to tell followed and unfollowed links apart in entries, before I fiddle with it.

Fiddling with it: I've moved the icons back to the left, and increased the width of the sidebar so that feed-names don't break the box (I always have to do that). Rearranged the modules in the sidebar. Discovered that it cleared my custom CSS (most of which was style-specific), but I forgot to save it first so I can put back the bits I still want. Doh! Found a line for hiding images from a feed.

Still to do: look for the CSS code for hiding the content of a feed and apply it to the ones I want to read on the site, not on my reading page (webcomic syndicators, please to be providing cut tags). Make followed links change colour in modules, or specifically in the page summary module if I can do that, so I can use it as a marker of where I got up to. Probably something else I've forgotten.

Why can't I have the sidebar on the left in this theme? I'm not that bothered, but I thought everything was supposed to be orientation-neutral nowadays.
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I'm still changing my style every time there's a code push, but I'm getting closer to something I like out of the box. The rounded corners on that last one, Fluid Measure (Wooded Theme), were nice, but once I increased the sidebar width so that feed names would fit, the entry boxes were not quite as wide as I like them, and I prefer text to icons for link, reply etc. Also, now I can have icons on the left again!

Now I'm using Crossroads (Descending Blue theme). I've picked Two Columns Sidebar Left, increased the sidebar, and put the modules back in the order I prefer (one day they won't get lost every time I change style). Usually I also change the link colours, but these might work as they are. (Wanted: a colour for visited links that isn't a shade of grey, but doesn't clash with these blues, and is easier to read against the off-white background while still being clearly different from the basic link colour.)

The other thing I have done is add custom CSS:
.entry .footer, .entry .tag, .comment .footer { background-color: #ebeef4; }
so that the metadata and action links are on a slightly different background. Some of the Crossroads themes already do that, and I don't know how, because I can't find it in the wizard; but I don't want to pick one of them and lose what I've done with this one.
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Background, cut for length and so certain people don't have to read it )

Positive outcomes that I have observed
The usual disclaimer applies: this is not worth the pain that's been caused. But it looks as if they'll lead to less pain in the future.

Some people have said that now they get it, and they'll be more careful to warn correctly in future, or that they don't like warnings, but other people's pain is more important than their don't like, so they'll do it anyway, or that they're going back through their archive making sure that all necessary warnings are in place.

Some people have said that they don't warn but always say so up front (which is a warning, just a non-specific one), or that they don't warn because there's nothing to warn for and they'll say so explicitly from now on.

A resource for writers: [personal profile] amadi posted a technical solution for people who want to post warnings while avoiding spoilers, with bonus accessibility considerations. ETA I've experimented with part of this on my Dollhouse post, adding the skip but not the blanking out. As another experiment, the link here should go to the collapsed version of the post. /ETA

A resource for readers: [ profile] trigger_fence. Lists authors who don't warn for common triggers (the selection is evolving in the comments), and the user info has links to sites with warnings for specific stories. I hope somebody is backing that up just in case LJ Abuse don't laugh in the face of the people who threw a hissy fit about being on the list. Is it being mirrored here yet?

I plan to come back and add to this later (memo to self: update the time stamp). LATER:

What's the word for seeing something everywhere? While I was gone, I was watching part of last night's Glastonbury coverage, and the Specials were playing "Doesn't make it alright", and an in-vision warning appeared: "This footage contains flashing images". This might be something that happens all the time and I don't notice.

Then I read a blog post that begins "(Warning: this post contains details of a car accident.)" (She's "pretty much ok".)

Anyway: does anybody know any other Good Stuff that's come out of this? And I hope that if you think anything I write should be under a cut or have some other kind of warning, that you'll tell me in the comments. I'm still trying things out.
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I got another couple of things looking the way I want them! Woot!

Move icons to the left end of headers instead of the right: code provided by [personal profile] afuna, instructions found here.

Multilevel tags list: instructions found in getting_started.

ETA: after the code push of 15th June: you don't need the CSS for icons-at-the-left any more; it's now an option on the Customize Style page.

CSS to get rid of the margins on Transmogrified (which used to be there only if you don't have the navbar):
#container {margin: 0;}
or, to make them narrower instead:
#container {margin: 0 1%;}
(or 2%, 3% or whatever); if you left out the 0 you'd get them at top and bottom as well.


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