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I doubt anyone reads me who doesn't already know about the Tories' plans, in the Health and Social Care Bill, to destroy the NHS. 38 Degrees have put up billboards to publicise the danger, and you can download posters and leaflets at their blog. It appears that the govt. will try to push the Bill through the Lords tomorrow (19th March), then back to the Commons for the last time. A lot of Lib.Dem. and cross-bench Peers, and Lib.Dem. MPs, seem to have been bought off with minor changes that don't affect the crucial elements of the Bill: privatisation, postcode lotteries and even more red tape getting in the way of staff doing their jobs. The TUC's Going to Work campaign has a tool for you to "adopt" a member of the House of Lords, to ask for their support for an amendment delaying the Bill, as well as the usual write-to-your-MP mechanisms.
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I know, I've been quiet for a while. I've mainly been preoccupied with a couple of things in my off-line life, but here are some things I've been pointed at online.

Part of Oxfam's food security campaign: Help farmers in Gutu end the hunger months

rally banner
Save the NHS: the TUC are organising a rally against the Government's plans to destroy the NHS, on 7th March at 18:00-19:30, at Central Hall Westminster and live online. You can book a place for the rally, if it's not full yet, or pledge to attend online, at Save Our NHS.

Protect refugees: sign the Refugee Council's pledge, to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention, calling on the UK government to make the asylum system fair, humane and effective.

Protect people-with-uteri's right to choose: I might post about this again, but not every day for 40 days! Apparently some people are, though. 40 Days of Choice is an online campaign offering positive ways for pro-choice supporters to counter anti-abortion activity and clinic protests during Lent.

WWF's Earth Hour this year starts at 8:30pm (in all time zones, so it moves round the world) on 31st March. Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about realising that the actions we take, from the energy we use, to the food we buy and water we drink, has an effect on the world.


Aug. 12th, 2009 03:27 pm
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I had a tooth out today.

My regular dentist didn't think she could do it cleanly given the position it was in and the existing damage (or didn't want to do it with me freaking out in the chair because I feel as if I can't breathe), so she referred me to a specialist clinic that usually does sedation. At the consultation a few weeks ago I decided against sedation, so today's dentist was leaning over doing stuff to my mouth with me in a semi-reclining position, as opposed to lying with my head below my shoulders (probably not, but that's what it feels like) hyperventilating. That was a much less unpleasant experience.

But now the local anaesthetic is wearing off, and ow.

Re. an ongoing conversation about healthcare systems
It's all covered by the NHS; if I wasn't on benefits it'd be a standard charge, which is under £50 for one extraction. The maximum for a course of treatment is under £200. Then I went and got the prescribed painkillers, which are also covered, and would be £7.20 otherwise, except that I use so much medication I'd get a prepayment certificate if I had to pay. In spite of the efforts of Thatcher and every government since to privatise everything that moves, we still have a healthcare system fit for a civilised country (whether we fit that adjective otherwise is a question for another day).

In other news, another ongoing conversation has flared up again (argh, I haven't finished the reading from IBARW yet!). People have been waving their privilege around at cons and online, and other people have lost patience. I wonder why that could be? (/sarcasm)

Coffeeandink has links


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