Dec. 19th, 2016 03:41 pm
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I'm used to having a few small, transient bruises of unknown origin (perhaps when I bump into things?) that don't hurt except when prodded. The largest number of exceptions to this pattern, or Bruises of Note, that I can remember is the 3 I've got now.

cut for TMI )

Speaking of Ow, Paracetamol note: if you know what Paracetamol tablets taste like, the soluble kind are so much better. The chemist didn't have the capulets (h/t [personal profile] spiralsheep), so I decided to give the effervescent ones a try, and it turns out that the taste of bubbles (carbonic acid?) overcomes the taste of the active ingredient. Try it! (if you need OTC painkillers that aren't aspirin, not for fun, obv.)
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... well, the best at-a-glance commentary on the dickery in question that I've noticed, anyhow.

This might be a strange topic for my first post in months, and I've got a horrible cold and had a very bad night and thought posting was a few levels of engagement above what I'm currently capable of; but I saw this and it got my brain in gear. Posted on someone's tumblr that I follow by RSS (not being on Tumblr), I've traced it to its source, which is Monday's chainsawsuit comic.

I don't know whether it's embeddable; there's a feed here, [syndicated profile] chainsawsuit_feed (which has a lot of other things on it as well as the comics; also, sometimes NSFW). Transcript by me:
1) Two people, the one with a self-satisfied grin says "well i think that all lives matter".
2) The person with the self-satisfied grin is holding a fire hose. "we should care exactly equally at all times about everything".
3) There are two originally-identical houses, one of which is on fire in a major way. The person with the fire hose, saying "all houses matter", is hosing down the house that isn't on fire.

Unusually for the internet, Kris Straub's commentariat mostly seem to get it, though as you go further down that becomes less so ...

(Since I'm not on Twitter, I wouldn't know what they were talking about if I didn't follow This Week In Blackness. Panel 0 would be the Twitter hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.)
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So, a lot of things have happened since I last posted anything like regularly! And if I wait till I've Caught Up With Stuff, that'll be ... actually it might never happen. In lieu of a longer post that is ... not going to happen today, here are some brief notes, without links or anything.

My shoulder got better. I had shoulder pain that was identified as a rotator cuff injury early in the year, and it just kept getting worse until I had the steroid injection in May, then it gradually got better. I'd just stopped taking Paracetamol for it a few weeks ago when I fell over and hurt my back! But all my joints are back to their usual state of unreliableness now.

My new windows went in at the beginning of October, just in time for the nasty weather. I now have double-glazing in the kitchen for the first time, "obscured" glass in the bathroom for the first time, and windows I can open in the other rear-facing rooms for the first time since I gave up taking down getting somebody to take down the secondary panels in summer. Bye-bye, unfeasibly heavy secondary glazing, I won't miss you.

My benefits got sorted out. It felt like I spent the summer wrestling with the benefits agency's assumptions, but when I'd paid for the windows and did the change-of-circumstances form again, they got it right first time, for a change. So I'm back on full job-seeker benefits, yay! (Well, an actual job would be more yay, but you know).

In displacement activity news, I finished Gemcraft chapter 0.

Now I hit Post before I get distracted again:
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I don't know how to start, so I guess I'll just start. I've been more-or-less keeping up with reading, but not writing anything here, for months. It started with a whole lot of offline things happening early this year, and now the stuff that specifically kept me from writing doesn't apply, but there's this inertia, you know?

I've made some, mostly slow and inadequate, progress with everything, but nothing is resolved! Agh! There are two things I'm willing to write about here that have made progress, though: the windows and my shoulder.

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In a couple of days the Proms, WOMAD, and the Olympics will all be on at the same time. Don't expect to hear from me for a while.
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Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day.

I don't think I can write anything coherent for it. I had my first SALT (Speech & Language Therapy) appointment today, and maybe I used up all the words? ... no, actually I've been lurking for weeks if not longer and it's not because of that (my speech problem is intermittent and physical, except for where I get anxious about it) ... it's more Living With Pain (, Dammit), Too Many Distractions and possibly some lack of cope. I'm sure I'll start "talking" online again sometime!

So: BADD links:
Master roundup post at Diary of a Goldfish - more links than you can shake a stick at, and probably more to come;
The Exploitation of Home Health Workers at This Ain't Livin', because May 1st is also Labour Day.


Jan. 22nd, 2012 06:24 pm
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So, that posting every week thing kinda fell by the wayside at Xmas, and since New Year I've barely been keeping up with my reading page. Then yesterday I didn't get to log in at all - a social event expanded to take up the whole day, which was fun, but now my left arm hurts as well as my right arm which has been hurting for 10 days or more. Why doesn't my doctor have any internet-bookable slots before the Saturday after next?
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I've had a rotten cold. It's pretty much over now except for the annoying cough, but for a while there, combined with all the Other Stuff, it was using up my cope to the extent that I was neglecting the housework and playing free browser games instead of doing anything useful (or sociable) that would take both energy and brain.

Part of the Other Stuff was Sudden Short-Notice Interview, which was a surprise. My (latest) adviser thought the job was "ideal", whereas I thought it was "very ambitious". I actually came out of the interview a lot more convinced that my skills and experience were relevant to the job, but obviously I didn't convince the interviewers. It's just down the hill, part-time, and mostly IT back-office work, which is me, but they want someone who can do project management and "customer care", which isn't.

Another part of Other Stuff was this (non-diplomatic email to $UTILITY-CO; translating into HTML loses some of the formatting):
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(I haven't had a reply to the email, but the original problem has been sorted out. The guy at the bank had no problem with the voice recognition system, but waited at least 8 minutes before getting through to a person.)
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In the last couple of weeks, the temperature has been going up and down like a yoyo (it really has, it's not just me feeling the downswing of my menopausal failure-of-temperature-control, I swear), and the weather has been Typically British. It's generally felt like Summertime Is Nearly over.

Then the other day I went out in the evening, I guess it had been windy, and there were fallen leaves everywhere.

That'll be autumn then.

Yesterday I spotted a ladybird on the plant I need to cut back (grow in the yard, not on the path, dammit!) next to my front door. Are they an autumn thing? Maybe they've been around all summer and I just didn't notice (I unnotice a lot of things).

I've been feeling a bit grotty in several ways lately. cut for whining )
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cut for whining )

So that's my excuse for not writing anything.
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I've felt poorly, bad-cold-but-definitely-not-flu style, on and off since Xmas, but now I've pretty much recovered except for my throat. *koff, koff, koff* Being told that my voice doesn't sound as bad as I think it does, Jobcentre advice person.

My right shoulder hurt all Friday and Saturday, but now it's more-or-less better. Don't know what I did to it, probably carrying too much shopping & stuff, or just sleeping in a bad position.

Now my head hurts instead, which I guess is a hangover from last night's New Year Feast. But I only had one glass of punch! [complains about lost resilience] I was never a heavy drinker and I'm out of practice, but one glass of punch, waaaaah. Mind, I also ate the punch-infused slice of orange, so there's that ...
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  • My laptop crashed on the 18th and has been flaky ever since; I think yesterday was the first day it didn't give me any trouble except for running slow. So I spent most of the day catching up on reading.

  • I've got a new health issue to worry about. Oh, joy.
    cut in case of TMI )

  • So this Wednesday (27th) I was already anxious about that, when I was going out to an event in the evening after a busy day, and my front door lock jammed. As in I pulled the door to, put the key in to lock it properly (it's a barrel lock) and the key wouldn't turn in either direction. This is the new lock I got in September.

    The friend who was giving me a lift had a go also and confirmed that it wasn't just me, so I had to leave it at "not properly locked, but I can't get in" and go to this event our group was hosting. I was somewhat distracted during. Also, the guy who installed the lock didn't answer his phone or return messages.

    We ended up calling somebody out of the Yellow Pages (ouch - not quite enough to be worth calling the insurance folks, considering the excess and my no claims bonus, but a lot more than the original lock), who (after all three of us failed to get the key to turn) opened the door with a Cunning Device. The Real Locksmith couldn't find anything to explain the jam - the lock's not faulty, but a different one would be more secure, apparently.

There's been a few things recently I should have commented on but didn't get my thoughts in order, and it's a bit late now; can I have a clean slate please?
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Yesterday evening, when I finally had time to watch the men's free programme: vertigo. I don't seem to still have the tiny white pills that helped last time, and of course my friendly local pharmacist is closed till Monday. Wouldn't mind so much if this was instead of my arm hurting.
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Yesterday I was signing on, and the woman processing me had a couple of printouts of jobs somebody behind the scenes had told her to tell me to apply for (which they've started doing recently), and the one on top was Telephone Sales, which is right at the top of my Hell No list. So I went into my semi-prepared spiel about how nobody with an ounce of sense would employ me to do (insert telephone-related job here), because of this and that and it helps if you can speak for more than two minutes without coughing (cough on cue) and also etc.; but my voice was breaking up! and doing its familiar tricks of (in other circumstances) badness.

So instead of the expected "Your voice sounds all right to me" and pooh-poohing the rest of my issues with phone work, ending up with me applying for jobs I know I can't do, she cancelled that one and the next one, which involves taking people's details over the phone. Result!

(Well, a result would be if people advertised office jobs that didn't rely so much on the phone, OMG have they not heard of email? But in terms of getting out of the Jobcentre without more unnecessary stress, check.)

... Then when I was at a Halloween party in the evening, my joints started playing up in a major way, which they're still playing up, ow.
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A couple of days ago I was leaving a meeting and I complained about my knees hurting, and one of the other people started in asking what's wrong with them and stuff, and then with the "You should ignore what the doctor says, doctors don't know everything" (which, that last part is true, so?) and I should go to a chiropractor instead. 'Cos he (the speaker) is older than me and his knees don't hurt, therefore it's nothing to do with my age, also the other person still there is female and older than me and her knees are OK, QED.

GO AWAY. (Or, alternatively, d'you want to hear all about my peri-menopausal symptoms?)

So, disabled people get this all the time: Please, Tell Me More. Observe my total lack of surprise.


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