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... well, the best at-a-glance commentary on the dickery in question that I've noticed, anyhow.

This might be a strange topic for my first post in months, and I've got a horrible cold and had a very bad night and thought posting was a few levels of engagement above what I'm currently capable of; but I saw this and it got my brain in gear. Posted on someone's tumblr that I follow by RSS (not being on Tumblr), I've traced it to its source, which is Monday's chainsawsuit comic.

I don't know whether it's embeddable; there's a feed here, [syndicated profile] chainsawsuit_feed (which has a lot of other things on it as well as the comics; also, sometimes NSFW). Transcript by me:
1) Two people, the one with a self-satisfied grin says "well i think that all lives matter".
2) The person with the self-satisfied grin is holding a fire hose. "we should care exactly equally at all times about everything".
3) There are two originally-identical houses, one of which is on fire in a major way. The person with the fire hose, saying "all houses matter", is hosing down the house that isn't on fire.

Unusually for the internet, Kris Straub's commentariat mostly seem to get it, though as you go further down that becomes less so ...

(Since I'm not on Twitter, I wouldn't know what they were talking about if I didn't follow This Week In Blackness. Panel 0 would be the Twitter hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.)
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It's Women Read Comics in Public Day (apparently it's not specifically "women", but that's how I first saw it, last year), so in the sunny interval between looking like rain at lunchtime and looking like rain again now, I sat on the nearest public bench (in the shopping street at the end of the road) and read a Batman and the Outsiders comic. More people would have seen me if it wasn't a Sunday. Why is it on a Sunday? Also, I don't have a digital camera, so I can't send a photo to the women reading comics tumblr. But I did it anyway. Adults read comics! Also, female persons read comics! Hurrah!
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When I got this journal, I thought I'd write about books, but I haven't read enough in dead-tree format since. Where did my reading time go? *eyes the internet*

Reading goodness in bite-size instalments to the rescue! Here are my favourite webcomics, in alphabetical order. (Note: these are all aimed at an adult audience.)

Galaxion by Tara Tallan; I found this on Girlamatic, where the main storyline starts here.
It starts with a hyperspace jump. Adventure! Mystery! Humour! Romance (not the icky kind)! Whatever happened to General Nelson's husband? When will Captain Mierter get her ship back?
For anyone who ever wanted to gender-flip Star Trek.

Kukuburi by Ramón Perez; I can't remember who pointed me at this one. Recently returned from hiatus. The welcome page links to the start of the story.
A bike courier tries to deliver a mysterious parcel, and steps into a fantastical world. I guess we'll find out what's going on when our heroine does. The artwork on this is amaaaaazing.
For anybody who loves both the pretty and the spooky.

Magellan by Stephen Crowley; I found this via Willow's recommendation at Seeking Avalon; you really need to start at the beginning.
Non-super-powered teen goes to superhero college; wacky hijinks ensue. There's a lot more to it than that, but talking about it would involve spoilers. This has the most diverse cast I've ever seen in comics.
For anyone who wants to hit DC and Marvel with a clue bat.

The Ten Doctors by Rich Morris; I've seen links to this in several places. The 247-page story is now available to download in pdf form.
Contains the 10 Doctors, at least 18 companions, and more old adversaries, allies and aliens than you can shake a stick at. And a twisty time-travelling plot that's internally consistent, once you see the flowchart in the extras! According to the commentariat, it got NewWho fans seeking out Classic episodes.
For anybody who can't get enough of Doctor Who.

What else should I be reading?
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