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Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day.

I don't think I can write anything coherent for it. I had my first SALT (Speech & Language Therapy) appointment today, and maybe I used up all the words? ... no, actually I've been lurking for weeks if not longer and it's not because of that (my speech problem is intermittent and physical, except for where I get anxious about it) ... it's more Living With Pain (, Dammit), Too Many Distractions and possibly some lack of cope. I'm sure I'll start "talking" online again sometime!

So: BADD links:
Master roundup post at Diary of a Goldfish - more links than you can shake a stick at, and probably more to come;
The Exploitation of Home Health Workers at This Ain't Livin', because May 1st is also Labour Day.
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Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day. Follow the link for more posts than you can shake a stick at! It's going to take a long time to catch up ...

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2011

Here is a bit of personal history:

Changing my identity )

*The ConDem government, continuing on the same path as the previous bunch of hypocrites, are determined to redefine disability in ever-narrower ways, so as to claim people are capable of work when they're not, and penalise them for not being able to get work in a recession. You can read more about this at the Broken of Britain blog.

BADD links

May. 4th, 2010 06:22 pm
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Blog Against Disablism Day was several days ago, but as usual, it's taken me a while to catch up. I don't feel qualified to write anything original, so here are some links to posts I particularly appreciated (all the posts submitted for the blogswarm are indexed at Diary of a Goldfish).

Blogging Against Disablism Day: on being a disabled blogger by Amy Clare, guest blogging at The F-Word (one of my regular haunts).
Do You Need Assistance? by s.e. smith at FWD/Forward: great advice for currently abled (or less-physically-impaired) people on how to offer help and how not to.
Fictional Heroes with Disabilities by Beppie at Hoyden About Town: antidotes to whichever show is making you headdesk today.
Addressing Ableist Language by Cara at Feministe, where she's trying to make the comment threads less unsafe for readers with disabilities.
Voluntary Accommodations by [personal profile] angelikitten: if only paying workplaces had such a responsive attitude.
Of privilege and auditory processing by codeman38 at Normal Is Overrated: wow, some of those are really familiar to me although I don't have the same conditions. How do people tell which phone is ringing?
I live in a marginal constituency by Katie at Everyone Else Has a Blog - it's election time, but her local parliamentary candidates don't reply to her emails. Don't they want disabled people's votes?

Note: disablism and ableism are the same thing, it's two countries divided by a common language again. Like whether to say "disabled people" or PWD, I see both online and sometimes forget which is which.
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I can haz avatar

I've changed my default icon. Until now I always used the UK dreamsheep, which is the first icon I ever acquired. This one was built at's Gaia Online avatar maker and resized in GIMP. I'd prefer a different (messier!) hairstyle, but it wasn't available in dark brown and after trying to re-colour the reddish one for a while I realised my GIMP skillz are far too lacking. Also, you can't see the grey hairs. Still ... me twenty years ago, perhaps!

I would definitely wear those clothes. Colour co-ordination, what's that? Cardigan, check. House slippers, check. Trousers that are slightly too long because mass-market clothes are designed for tall people, check!

Domestic (mis)adventure

Yesterday morning, there was suddenly an intense downpour with hail! The road turned white! An hour later that was all gone. The rain continued for a while ... Meanwhile, as soon as the intense part started it got in under the back door again. Somebody is coming round tomorrow to check the gutters (at least that was the plan when I phoned yesterday).

Srs bsns

When several disabled feminists (FWD) spent a lot of spoons on a "chat" with representatives of Feministing, the transcript shows that Miriam and Courtney, the editors, were all "moderating comments is haaaaard" and "do our work for us" and even committed a t*ne *rg*m*nt. Since then, instead of living up to their claimed commitment to change, they've evidently used other people's suggestions without attribution (or practical follow-through). (I say evidently because I'm not going there to check.) Quixotess explains why you shouldn't give them clicks or link love in Please boycott Feministing.
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Cosigned: Meloukhia's Open Letter to Feministing

Feministing is a very large feminist group blog, which I've never followed. I didn't have enough online time, then I found that the site didn't load properly in Firefox 2. By the time I upgraded to Firefox 3, I'd got the impression that they were part of the mainstream white middle-class feminism that claims to lead the movement while neglecting intersectional issues and failing to credit other people's work, as critiqued by women of colour (see ABW's On Feminism series). Recent events have not changed that impression; see also Narcissist Feminism as described by Jennifer Kesler.

There's a new group objecting to being treated dismissively by the Feministing crew, and to the commenting culture there, except that it's not new at all. Disabled women have been calling out ableism on the site for some time, and being ignored. Meloukhia's Open Letter is not so much a response to a particular event as a "last straw" situation. Disabled feminists have had enough, and they're not going to take it any more! Anybody is welcome to cosign, either on the open letter post or elsewhere (with a link on Meloukhia's post so she can keep track).

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