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Remember that anthology of "Mindblowing SF" by white guys? Via Graham Sleight's review at Strange Horizons, I've found an excellent essay on this and two other recent instances of white boys' clubs: Is It Something in the Water? by Athena Andreadis in Astrogator's Logs.
In the vast majority of cases, non-male non-whites are overqualified for whatever position or role they are chosen to fill.  The tokenism excuse has been obliterated countless times ... I think that true equality will come when non-white non-males can be as mediocre as white men.  And when that time comes, I guarantee you that the quality of mindblowing anthologies won’t budge.
So, I have a new blog to read! Athena writes about science, science fiction and culture.

Also in ongoing discussions: unusualmusic has a roundup of reactions to the leaked results of the sex testing of Caster Semenya. There's a lot of links I don't want to follow there.

Astrogator's Logs

Date: 2009-09-12 19:06 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Glad you enjoyed the essay, Susan! I have more essays and stories published in various venues, including Strange Horizons and Crossed Genres, plus of course The Biology of Star Trek. More links are in the face and Stories page of my site,

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