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It goes: Snow, snow, thick thick snow.

Until the past week, this winter has mostly been fairly mild. Anything approximating snow would more-or-less melt once it hit the ground. The last few days have been f- f- f- jolly cold, and some time after it got dark yesterday, it started snowing farreal.

Looking out of the windows today, there's snow lying everywhere. Anything vaguely horizontal is covered with a white blanket, and the compost tumbler looks as if it has a furry hat two feet high. It's pretty to look at, but thank FSM I don't have to go out in it today. I do have to go out, if only to buy food, in the next day or two, so I hope it goes away soon! Brrrrrrr.

People from or in Scotland, or anywhere where it's been snowing for weeks, can laugh now.

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Date: 2012-02-05 19:14 (UTC)
gwendraith: (cold)
From: [personal profile] gwendraith
It's looking very pretty here :) I have been waiting and wishing for snow for months!
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